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MC TER Milan – 27 june 2013 – Company press news


Comef Research and Development Department is daily committed to identifying the best plant solution to the needs of the customer.

Biomass producers and transformers, understood as any substance of organic vegetable and animal matrix, and producers – users of energy, can count on the extraordinary quality of the services offered by our company as well as on the skills and competence of Comef engineers and technicians.

Our technical department supports the Customer from the early stages of plant construction, from the preliminary assessment of the fuel source, to the processing of authorization procedures. “We can count on a dedicated plant” observes the marketing managers Comef “in which our engineers and technicians proceed to test the fuel source, determining the energy potential and ensuring the residues and environmental impact. Our goal is to offer the customer the best technological solution for the best energy optimization of their products, by-products, waste “.

Sawmill waste, oil mill waste, wood processing waste, agroforestry pruning, agricultural waste, agri-food waste, paper mill waste, rice waste, animal breeding waste, waste-derived fuels are the fuel sources with which engineers and Comef technicians supply plants for the generation of electrical, thermal, electrical and thermal energy.

Comef applies the best combustion technologies to manage the type of material involved in terms of size, humidity, calorific value and ash content.

Our boilers are characterized by low volumetric and surface heat loads in the combustion chamber that ensure low emissions, often well below the regulatory limits.

Each single our plant has wide electrical and thermal flexibility combined with simplicity of operation.

“Our plants offer absolute high electrical and global performance; high performance translate into lower plant operating costs and greater profit for the user “.


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