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Who we are - Comef


Our company

Comef, founded in 1968, is today a leading company in different industrial fields and at the service of customer need.
The company operates on the national and international market, strong of undisputed reputation of great reliability and ability in engineering, construction, assembly and maintenance activities.


“We operate on national and international scale“

Design and build

• Thermal energy plants
• Electric energy plants
• Cogeneration plants
• Technological and industrial plants
• Energetic recovery plants from renewable and traditional sources
• Steam boilers
• Diathermic oil boilers
• Heat recovery steam generators
• Biomass/waste boilers
• Waste to energy plants for municipal solid waste
• Waste to energy plants for RDF
• Steel structures for industrial and infrastructural plants
• Heat district
• Existing plant revamping
• Existing plant retrofit

Pre and post sales services

Extraordinary flexibility and availability of skilled human and technical resources makes Comef a reliable supplier for every customer and for every kind of activity, from design and engineering to the procurement of materials and services, from manufacturing to installation in-place, from commissioning and training of the Customer’s personnel to the maintenance of parts or complete systems, also made with turnkey formula.

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Our projects

Our works are both part of extremely complex and sophisticated projects and “turnkey“ plants .

Our specialists are at your disposal to study with you the best technical and economic solution and the best answers to your requests.
Our goal is to guarantee absolute quality, reliability and safety.
Our work is completed with the training of your staff.

To ensure its production and services meet quality requirements, Comef has got a certified Quality System.

  • Since 1999, Comef is certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001
  • Since 2007, Comef is certified according to UNI EN ISO 3834 (part 2)
  • Since 2012, Comef is certified according to BS OHSAS 18001
  • Since 2013, Comef is certified according to EN1090 (EXC 4)

Comef is also certified SOA, the Italian certification required for public works, for the categories OG9, OG11, OS14.

Furthermore, Comef is recognized as a Transformation Center by the Higher Council for Public Works – Central Technical Service – according to Legislative Decree no. 14/01/2008 “Technical Standards for Construction”.


Our plants

With its own design, Comef is able to satisfy any Customer’s requirements

Engineering, construction, assembly, commissioning, Customer’s personnel training, maintenance; in one word “turnkey plant”.

Plants for generation of electric and / or thermal energy powered by renewable sources (biomass, waste) and fossil fuels; co-generation plants; district heating systems.

Respect for the environment and for regulations

Quality and assistance Comef

Plant use factor

Looking for a reliable and stable partner?

Our services


Design and engineering

Erection and maintenance

Existing plant revamping

Existing plant retrofit

Metal working

Metal anti-corrosion coatings




Contact information:
+39 0331.819411


We have implemented national and international projects

Comef, founded in 1968, is now a leading player in different sectors and serving every customer’s needs.


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