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How is an energy plant born? - Comef


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Deep engineering evaluations and analysis lead to the definition of plant engineering sizes intended as thermal and electric power obtainable from materials to be energetically recovered. Thermofluidodynamic modeling lead to define geometric size and technological features of the plant according to the required and applicable criteria.


How we design and build an energy plant:

Comef engineering staff defines plant in each of its constituent sections:

  • Fuel storage and handling
  • Fuel to furnace conveyors
  • Combustion system
  • Recovery boilers
  • Thermal cycle ( turbine, condenser, deaerator)
  • Auxiliary systems
  • Flue gas cleaning according strongest applicable requirements
  • Ash systems
  • Electric energy generation and distribution
  • Heat district station
  • Supervision and control system


Main features:

impianti di produzione montaggi

Combustion system
  • Grate
  • Fluidized bed
  • Burners

Tipologia del forno

  • Furnace type
  • Behind adiabatic room
  • Furnace in boiler integrated


  • Recovery
  • Diathermic  oil
  • Vertical path boilers, horizontal path boilers
  • Watertube boilers, firetube boilers
  • Natural or forced circulation

Condensing system

  • Water or air

Flue gas cleaning dressed by continuous analyzer

  • Dry, semi-moist, wet
  • Electrostatic precipitator

Thermal cycle

  • Water or oil

Generated fluid for

For electric generation and/or thermal generation (cogeneration or trigeneration)

impianti di produzione strutture metalliche

Which materials can be used for energy recovery?

Products, subproducts and waste fuels from activities :

  • Green and wood management;
  • Agricultural, agro-industrial, cereal food, legume food, rice, olives, hay, straw, fruit, vegetables, cocoa, coffee, tea, tobacco, preserves;
  • Foresty;
  • Wood processing and panel production – wooden furniture;
  • Paper and cardboard production and processing
  • Packagings
  • Animal breeding
  • Mechanical treatment of undifferentiated waste (selection, shredding, compaction, reduction), RDF;
  • Urban and industrial waste
  •  Fossil fuels (natural gas, oil or coal derivatives)


Our plant features:

Effective combustion control

for both grid and fluid bed systems

Total respect for the environment

by means of the most modern measures of treatment and neutralization

High performance

Continuous service systems with a very high utilization factor

with a very high utilization factor

Reduced consumption

for auxiliary services

Constructive optimization

the high degree of modularization minimizes on-site operations

Easy and quick maintenance

The rigorous design of the process and the layout of our plants allows easy and efficient maintenance operations, minimizing operations of restoring and stop periods of plant



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